Welcome to Learning to Learn®. Now more than ever, colleges across the country are looking for new ways to ensure their students’ success and retention through graduation.

Learning to Learn is a research-based learning system that builds on students’ natural learning skills—academically and personally.

A recent report published in Academic Leadership shows results of a 3-credit Learning to Learn student success course:

Learning to Learn: Thinking Skills for the 21st Century, 11th edition

The Learning to Learn college textbook contains the research-based LTL learning system—that students learn to apply to both their
content course-work and personal problem-solving.


LTL textbook adoption includes:

  • Instructor's Manual
  • Customized course syllabus
  • Faculty training video
  • Optional online LTL student exercises
  • Consultation on optimal ways to implement LTL on your campus
  • Guidance in conducting your own, publishable study on LTL's impacts on your students' GPA, rate of course completion, and graduation rates.

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DeBorah Mills

"When I started college I was having a rough time. I'm a first generation college student from Newark, NJ, and in a lot of ways I wasn't prepared for college. I was overwhelmed. Learning to Learn saved my college career and opened doors for me. It opened me up to learning. I feel transformed, really confident as a student now. I can't say enough good things about it—and I've been telling my old high school principal about LTL, getting him interested in bringing LTL to students there."